Front Porch Facelift {Phase I}

outdoor sectional breathes new life into our porch

The winters in upstate New York are long and gray. Most days are bitter cold and sometimes you go a week or two without a bright sunny day. I love the change of seasons and appreciate the unique perspective and energy that each one brings. That being said, by the time Spring approaches I cannot wait to resume outdoor living. One of my favorite (and most simple) things to do is sit on my front porch with a cup of coffee and a good book or magazine. Wave hello to neighbors as they pass by (I apologize in advance for being in my PJ's most mornings) and start the day with a few moments of peace and reflection.

One of my goals for this Spring was to spruce up my front porch. I listed my old patio set on Facebook Marketplace and luckily sold it within one day. I was left with a blank slate to start with and that is sometimes a tricky place to be.

B E F O R E...

There are SO MANY options when it comes to patio furniture. The one thing I knew I wanted was an outdoor sectional. A space that I could lay back and read a book or take a nap, or maybe entertain family & friends by sharing a cocktail. My initial interest was in a nice set I found on Amazon. It would've cost about $1,200 which I figured was the going rate based on what I had found during my search. I had just about convinced myself of that set but the lingering thoughts of children with dirty hands, my clumsy self spilling food or drinks, and just the beating that the natural elements would take on the furniture steered me toward a more practical decision (and I'm glad I followed my gut instinct).

A F T E R...

Setting up the porch with the new furniture and decor made me feel all giddy and excited! I love the way it has turned out and I'm still not done with setting it up. I will share each phase as I go along so you can really feel the transformation. 

The Product...

One of the best parts of this project is that I didn't break the bank doing it. The whole outdoor sectional set (including tax and shipping) was $648 - - that's it! This set includes two end tables, one coffee table, two armless chairs, two end chairs, one corner chair and a stand alone chair (all came with cushions).

* The set is linked below

The packaging was great and the whole set came in a total of four large boxes. One of the cushions did come damaged but other than that everything was great. Putting together the set was a little bit time consuming and took me about 2-3 hours total (I did it by myself). The degree of difficulty was not hard, but it was a bit tedious at times with all of the screws, washers, etc. All in all, not too bad to put together. The frame is metal and the woven part (which I originally thought was metal) is actually a thick fabric/band (which I prefer the look of). Each chair comes with a bottom cushion and back cushion (as pictured below).

Styling - It's All About The Details...

My favorite part of this project (besides the money saving part that I already mentioned) was styling it. I headed out to my local Marshall's and Homegoods shops and found some really beautiful pillows, a throw and some wicker & wood trays for the tables. The rest of the goodies I found around my house or via basement shopping (that is a thing right?!? LOL).

I hope you like what I put together and can feel a sense of relaxation and calm when you look at the selections I have made. Take a peek...

A Close-Up Look at the Materials... 

When I was shopping this set online I was sure that the braided design on the sides was metal and I was OK with that. But to be honest, I was a bit relieved when I saw that the material was not metal and instead a type of banded fabric. In my opinion it gives depth and makes the set look a little bit more rich in nature.

Next Steps...

  1.  Hang two new ceiling fans (one of them was destroyed during a storm one day with high winds)
  2.  Add a small throw rug under the door mat for pattern and layering
  3.  Hang new drop cloth curtains (FULL BLOG POST HERE WITH ALL THE DETAILS)
  4.  Stain Adirondack chairs a dark dark gray to match the front door (going to play around with watering down the same paint I used for the door - stay tuned!)
  5.  Continue decorating with hanging baskets, potted plants, etc.
  6.  Host a tea party for my lady friends :-)

Curb Appeal...

In the coming weeks my hydrangea will bloom, I'll be able to hang flower baskets and pot lavender and I think this is all really going to come together. I hope that if you were to walk by my home you would think of it as a happy and inviting place to be.

As always, thanks for stopping by and happy Spring friends!!!

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