Juniper Hill Cabin

our newest adventure in the Adirondacks

Sometimes life gives you opportunities. It puts them right in your face and you can't even recall how they got there. Those opportunities may come with a bag of nerves and loads of uncertainty, but that's all part of the process. Over the summer we put an offer in on an adorable new construction cabin in the Adirondack mountains (near Lake Placid, NY). We had no idea what would happen and were so nervous. Within a few days we had made a deal and the concept of Juniper Hill Cabin was born.

The Black Barn

the magic of this simple look

SOURCE: Country Home Magazine

I have long loved the classic, colonial look, of the black barn. Living in New York and often traveling to New England, this style and color of barn can easily be spotted throughout your travels. Yet in these past few years the black barn has become a modern architectural phenomenon that is now taking on the concept of 'home' for many. Here in this post I am sharing a curated collection (every image is linked) to some of my favorite black barn looks. I also see a painting project in my near future :)

Front Porch Facelift {Phase I}

outdoor sectional breathes new life into our porch

The winters in upstate New York are long and gray. Most days are bitter cold and sometimes you go a week or two without a bright sunny day. I love the change of seasons and appreciate the unique perspective and energy that each one brings. That being said, by the time Spring approaches I cannot wait to resume outdoor living. One of my favorite (and most simple) things to do is sit on my front porch with a cup of coffee and a good book or magazine. Wave hello to neighbors as they pass by (I apologize in advance for being in my PJ's most mornings) and start the day with a few moments of peace and reflection.

Paperless Post

a modern way to send invitations 

It was a lucky stumble on the world wide web I suppose. Finding this super modern and super fun company that allows people to send invitations in a way that makes sense using the technology that we all use each and everyday. Paperless Post has beautifully designed invitations for just about every occasion. When I say "designed" I'm talking brands like Anthropologie, Rifle Paper Co., Vera Wang and Kate Spade (just to name a few).

Delicious & Easy Home-Baked Bread

break bread with friends this holiday season

(recipe adapted from Jim Lahey with Sullivan Street Bakery)

Want to wow your guests this holiday season? This simple home-baked bread recipe will do the trick. No bread machine necessary, you just need to plan ahead.  Here's what you need:

Christmas at Home - 2018

tidings of comfort & joy...

The days are short and the air is brisk. Undeniably, the season of winter is closing in and the magical feeling of Christmas is upon us. In our home (and the home of so many), Christmas is an annual reminder of traditions and a celebration of all that is good in this world. Decorating our homes and spaces with lights and greenery instantly changes the emotional connection to any space. 

Master Bedroom Makeover

muted grays with some really fun wall art

This summer we set out to makeover our master bedroom with a very teeny tiny budget. We wanted to use our savings for road trips with the kids. So, we rolled up our sleeves and used that good ole' elbow grease to reimagine our retreat and make it feel new again.
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