Thistle & Poppy {The Reimagined Frame}

A couple of weeks ago I had the great pleasure of receiving my first picture frame set from the amazing minds at Thistle & Poppy. It arrived in an adorable package with the tag and business card pictured below...
I had never seen their frames in person before, so I couldn't wait to dig in! After tearing open the package, I found a "Snap Point Picture Frame" set in three separate pieces: orchid frame base (blue), rosy trim (cream), and the lotus trim (brown)...

The frame system works like any basic magnet. The magnetic base works with the magnetic trim, and the possibilities are endless. A simple, yet ingenious idea, that allows the owner to change photos within seconds, while also changing looks just as quickly. Here are a couple different looks with the set I received...

In terms of display, you can pick how you want to show them off. For starters, they can easily be wall mounted...
I'm partial to having them either on a stand or just sitting pretty on shelving, as pictured below...

I really really love these snap point frames! Not only for my own home, but as gifts for baby showers, wedding showers, holidays, etc. - they rock! The interchangeable design leaves you with options and gives you the flexibility to frequently change your photos without hassle.

For more information on ordering your Thistle & Poppy frames - visit

got $19?

OK - so I just have to share the best $19 I've spent in a long time: IKEA's {LACK} coffee table

I was looking for something that wasn't too big and didn't cost a ton. The original plan was to use it for my front porch, and I will still eventually do that. But for now I'm showing it off in the sitting area of my home and loving how it fits in the space. Check it out...
Dimensions: 35x22x18"

I love this table so much that I'm ordering another one. My plan with the next one is to "hack it". I'm going to and add barn board to the top and paint it a smoky gray color. Fingers crossed - I'm going to try and pull off the look that City Farmhouse gave their amazing coffee table makeover {click here to check out my previous post on IKEA hacks}

Washington County Antique Festival

Every May and August I have a good reason for visiting one of my favorite places in the world ~ Greenwich, NY. The rest of the time, I just drive there to get away from the hustle and bustle, and to soak in the rolling hills of Washington County. 

Today, my daughter and I braved the elements (it was 42 degrees, windy and raining in upstate New York) and headed North in search of some diamonds in the rough. Although our journey was cold and not very 'May like' weather, we still had a blast and got to spend some very valuable "Mommy-Daughter time" together as we like to call it. Teaching her the art of negotiation and why only a fool pays full-price, was so much fun and very rewarding. At a young age, she can find pieces worth taking a closer look at, and she always helps me to make a final decision when I'm undecided. 

Here are a few pics from our day out and about, and some of our favorite "lusts" that we didn't leave with...
Although the weather was less than pleasant and we left with a lot less than we had hoped to, we did manage to score some really beautiful finds. Below are the pieces we can now claim as our own, and they really fit perfectly into our home. From milk glass to wooden shoe stretchers, we are happy with our finds and hope you enjoyed this photo journal of our special day!


Pea Stone Patio {$250 Makeover}

Check out how this family saved $10,000 with a little elbow grease and a lot of vision! 

It's that time of year where design projects turn inside out. We are no longer stuck inside during the harsh winter months, staring at our interior and deciding what to do next (this is at least true in the great northeast). And while getting outside is exciting and invigorating, it can also lead us to expensive projects and undertakings like patios. 

Take for example the patio (pictured below) that was in much need of repair and renovation: 

The owners of this patio, Cheryl & Anders Rasmussen, are good friends of mine. While working on some interior projects in their home, they had picked my brain a bit for ideas on what to do with their patio. Thinking that the only way to turn was to dig up the existing patio and have a concrete slab poured, they received several estimates for a stamped concrete patio. All of the estimates seemed to fall right around the $10,000 mark. That price tag seemed to be a commitment and investment that was above and beyond. 

So - let the brainstorming begin! It appeared that the stone in the existing patio was in decent shape. The issue was that the size of the patio was too small, it was no longer level and quite honestly looked dated and was more of an eyesore than anything. We talked about their goals and looked to Pinterest for inspiration and ideas. We came up with an idea that would reuse the existing stone, cost very little money, and could be done on their own. 

With some patience and a good level, this beautiful patio was born for only $250!!!!
The first step was to dig up the existing patio and stack the stone pavers. Next - they brought in dirt to level the area and tamper it down. After that, they were able to take their existing stone and start laying stout based on the newly decided upon dimensions of their patio area.

Next - they used a push broom to spread the pea stone evenly in-between their stone pavers so that the pea stone laid just below the surface of the paver stone. This can be a good job for the little ones :)

That's it folks! A beautiful new patio area that's functional and didn't break the bank. This DIY project can be done with a variety of stone paver shapes and sizes. Thank you to Cheryl and Anders for the great before and after photos, and congratulations on your new awesome patio! Well done...ENJOY :)
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