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FALL-ing for my Porch

Inviting decor for my favorite time of year...

Autumn in upstate New York is (to me) - the most magical time of year! The colors are so vibrant and glowing, everything feels alive. The great harvest is upon us and the fruits of our labor are abundant. Pumpkins, squashes and gourds make great soups and great seasonal decor! 

~Envisioning My Dream Apartment~

A Trip Back in Time...

A couple weeks ago, an interesting question was posed that really got me thinking:

"If you could go back in time to your first apartment, with the style and taste for design you have now, what would it look like?" 

This question arose from a company named Modani (they specialize in modern furniture pieces). I really love their selection and wanted to mix their sense of modern, with my taste of eclectic and feminine.

Now - I don't know about your first apartment, but I was as broke as broke can be when I had mine. Hand-me-down furniture was the theme of my first space. Nonetheless, I loved the freedom of having it be mine. So to think of an apartment, where I could afford nice "things" and actually define my style, well this was a challenge that I was up to! When I think of apartment life, I think of entertaining because I did so much of that when I was younger. To me, entertaining means people, and people need seating. So I decided to create my vision board around a living room concept.

My Dream Look...

The room ended up taking on a very Moroccan feel, even though that wasn't what I necessarily had in mind when I started out. I wanted a room that was feminine yet bold, with patterns and colors that felt inviting.


Powder Bath Mini-Makeover

Turning a Standard Bath into a Custom Space

A few months back I was contacted by the lovely Casey family, who were seeking some advice on their powder bath. They knew they wanted to change the flooring and give the bathroom some "wow" factor, but like so many others, they weren't sure where to start. The Casey's have two small boys - and as is the case with most little boys I know - they are active. Therefore durability was a big factor.

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