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Over the years, e-Design has become a popular way for designers to service long-distance clients or do-it-yourselfer's that need a little inspiration. Whatever the need, e-Design is a great way to makeover a space without breaking the bank.

Currently at Laura Leigh Designs, we are working on an e-Design project for a long-distance client. This project involves taking a very large and very empty 16'x36' Trex deck, and transforming it into a entertaining space for a family of six. Here is the deck in it's current state:

Once we received this photo and details about the deck, we were able to begin 3D renderings. Taking into consideration all of the items on the family's wish list, here is what we have agreed upon:

Next Steps...

Now that renderings are in place and agreed upon, our next step is to work on the actual vision board. The vision board serves as a canvas (so-to-speak) where we can display our ideas with the client. From there, we will work together with the client on revisions and edits.

Once the client gives final approval for the vision board, we can then move forward with a shopping list. This list comes complete with links to the products shown, pricing and other resources. We will also provide my clients with step-by-step instructions on furniture placement, accessorizing, etc.

This design option empowers the client to complete the work on their own, while having the support of a designer in their pocket :) For more information on how to start your e-Design project, simply contact us and let the fun begin!!!


My Nest...

Yesterday was an exciting day for me. For once, instead of running around with my iPhone and taking photos of things in my home and sharing them with you, I actually had a professional photographer come over and capture my space. Amanda Vitti Photography is owned and operated by my friend and talented photographer Amanda Vitti. She does a great job capturing the moment. Amanda does portraiture, weddings, landscape, etc. In this case we were working together to take photos of my home for the interior design website I'm building and also for the blog. It was effortless! 

Here's something that you don't know about me - although I LOVE taking pictures of objects and spaces, I HATE having my photo taken. So this event was nerve-racking for me to say the least. However, nerves and apprehension aside, I knew that there was a need to put a face with a name if I am going to build an interior design business. I'm so glad I moved forward with this because her photos came out beautifully!!! She also did a very nice write up of me and my home on her blog found here. Thank you Amanda! xo

Blog Write-up from Amanda Vitti Photography ...

"I was invited over to the lovely Laura Tarlo's home from Laura Leigh Designs, if you haven't checked out her blog The Unique Nest  you need to.  Her home is a blend of bungalow craftsman meets farmhouse.  She is very talented in every aspect of interior home design.  We shot at her beautiful home in Cohoes, NY and she designed every inch of that place from the ground up...literally...the entire floor plan was all her and her vision.  No space of her home has been over looked, it's filled with intricate details, patterns and organization that makes my heart pitter patter.  She has an innate knack for design so if you have a room, a space, a place that needs a little sprucing up and you are left baffled and overwhelmed, give Laura a call and she will take care of everything!
I loved this table setting...the perfect amount of colors to help us spring into spring!"

I love how she mixes patterns and colors together so seamlessly.....

every corner of her home has character

and finally, here is the brains (and beauty) behind the blog....
DSC 0373

DSC 0423
I'm sure this won't be our last time with Laura....but we will say ta ta for now!
DSC 0399

Want to check out my master bathroom tour? Well come over and take a look!


6 Fabrics ~ 6 Looks

One thing I've discovered about myself over the years is that I love fabric. I could just keep buying it and have no real purpose or plan for what to do with it. But finally - I have a purpose! I get to share my finds with you, the reader. So exciting!!!

I went shopping for six fabrics that work well with each other, but offer six different looks. I'm thinking curtains, throw pillows, chair coverings, seat cushions...the possibilities are endless. 
Laura Leigh Designs
ALL of the fabrics I selected were purchased at Hobby Lobby and were ALL on sale for $6.79 per yard. That's not a typo folks - $6.79/yard! If you don't have a Hobby Lobby nearby, you can also find these fabrics on the Premier Fabrics website. Just know that normal retail asking price is somewhere around $15.99/yard.

I enlisted the help of my trusty Sherwin-Williams color design case and voilà - I present to you my Spring/Summer fabric looks! 
Laura Leigh Designs
Oh - one more thing! For each pairing of fabrics I selected three paint colors. From left to right they run as follows: Bold, Statement, Safe. All three selected colors work with the fabric choices, but they vary in their level of impact.
*** NOTE: All of the paint swatches are Sherwin-Williams. To see the color name and number, please see the bottom of each thumbnail

Gale Force (7605), Sticks & Stones (7503), Creme (7556)

Bee (6683), Sticks & Stone (7503), Creme (7556)

Caviar (6990), Tassel (6369), Tony Taupe (7038)

Edgy Gold (6409), Soulful Blue (6543), Functional Gray (7024)

Gale Force (7605), Peacock Plume (0020), Creme (7556)

Homestead Brown (7515), Peacock Plume (0020), Creme (7556)
I hope you love these fabric choices as much as I do and can maybe even see using them in your own home. If anything, perhaps I've inspired you to think about customization through fabric and the use of paint. Happy decorating!

Custom IKEA "Hacks"

Like many interior design enthusiasts out there, I love heading down to Ikea and wandering around the massive space like a kid in a candy store. When you're looking to change up your decor seasonally or purchase furniture without shelling out thousands of dollars, Ikea comes in pretty handy. There is certainly a range of items and range of quality when it come to buying products there, so shopping around is necessary. I find that Ikea has some great textiles available and their Hemnes line is beautiful! However, what I'm noticing on Pinterest and other design blogs are that more and more homeowners are posting their own DIY custom Ikea handy-work. Not only is it fun to see what people have come up with, but boy is a lot of it easy to do!

Coffee Table Hack

Take for example this awesome coffee table redo. Not only does it feature a standard Hemnes coffee table (my favorite line of Ikea products), it also ends with a reclaimed barn board esthetic. City Farmhouse has an incredible post on how to add the 'wow' factor to this standard piece of furniture all by yourself.  Check out this step-by-step tutorial walking you through this before and after...


Bookshelf Hack

The next idea (that my amazing friend Andrea found) is a tutorial on turning ordinary Ikea bookshelves into custom-looking built-ins. If you've ever hired anyone to build built-in anything, you know it costs an arm and a leg. So I'm definitely trying this one! 

It all starts with the Billy Collection of shelving from Ikea. Essentially, you would measure out your space and configure the book shelve units that work best for that particular room. After you've figured out that part of the project, you can follow these step-by-step instructions from The Accent Piece...


Dresser Hack

The last sample Ikea hack I found comes directly from the Ikea Livet Hemma site. It was featured in one of their newsletters and seems to be a fool-proof project! Start by purchasing the Tarva 5-drawer dresser for $99, pick a color swatch that you love with five shades on it, and get your paint brush ready. With a little patience and some elbow grease, here are the results you'll reap...

I hope this post gave you some ideas for turning standard furniture pieces into custom delights with some pretty simple steps. It has certainly reminded me that custom doesn't have to be costly and that it can also be fun! Enjoy and happy customizing... :)

Paint by Numbers

I was anxiously awaiting the birth of my now 4-year old son. Uncomfortable and impatient I decided to take on a project in the nursery. I was truly "nesting" and looking to add a special something to the space that was different from the norm. As usual, I was on a budget so I was limited as to what I could do and still create the impact I was looking for. The solution was painters tape (lots of it) and six quarts of paint.

I had already painted stripes in my daughter's room, so I didn't want to replicate that. But squares, no one I knew had squares in their nursery. So, I did a little math and started taping. I considered the height and width of the walls in the space and arrived at 16" squares (you could do any size you want, but this size worked best for the look I was going for). I carefully measured and taped the room:


Note: I made sure that one of the squares fell in the corner seem of the room to create a little extra drama!

  Be sure to measure twice, tape once, and be sure that the tape is sealed well to prevent paints leaks. 

You can work with any number of colors you wish. I chose six because I loved the color palette and came up with (and wouldn't settle on getting rid of any) the colors I selected. You'll notice that I chose one light and one dark color from three different color families (gold, blue and green). I purchased mini rollers and mini paint trays to make working easier and less fuss.  

Once all the prepping was done, I decided that the paint job would look best if it was random, meaning I didn't pre-select where colors would go or try to maintain any pattern. I wanted the eye to wander, and quite frankly I wanted guests to try to make sense of something that didn't and never would. More than anything I wanted a "unique" nursery.


Front Street ~ Ballston Spa, NY

Front Street in Ballston Spa just keeps getting better! Home to some of Saratoga County's finest eateries and shops, Front Street now offers antique shopping with a twist! After meeting a friend for coffee at Iron Roost last Saturday, I found myself wandering down Front Street drawn toward an attractive display outside a shop entrance. But let's back up for a second - if you've never been to the Iron Roost, then you are missing out! Delicious coffee, industrial vintage atmosphere, and the best savory waffles around - it's a must stop!
While Front Street is home to several other amazing places that I love to visit, such as The Whistling Kettle and Torso, my visit last weekend led me to Front Street Home, located at 6 Front Street. The inviting facade and display offers a teaser of what patrons will find in this eclectic space. 

Once inside, I found an incredible selection of new meets old. Repurposed pieces, custom pieces, vintage pieces...all in one space! There are tables made out of old bowling lane flooring and boat house lumber. Easels created from birch logs, designer wall paper and fabrics, candles and's all here under this one roof!Owner Edmond DeRocker welcomed me to the store and shared stories of his professional experiences in design and all the offerings his business provides. Edmond was gracious in allowing me to photograph his space and share some of the beautiful pieces for sale. Get ready folks, you're in for a real treat...
Birch Tree Wall paper (my personal favorite)

If you're looking for one of a kind, this is the place! I hope you enjoyed the sampling as much as I did! For more information, call Front Street Home at 518.885.6555
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