$50 DIY Outdoor Coffee Table (IKEA hack)

Creating a chic outdoor table from the IKEA 'Lack' series

Hey friends! I'm so excited to share this SUPER DUPER easy and CHEAP project with you! It requires little to no skill (perfect for me) and makes the most adorable outdoor/indoor coffee table. 

The best part - it cost me less than $50 - and that includes the table from Ikea. For me, it was actually less than $20 because I already owned the Ikea Lack coffee table and the rough-cut Hemlock wood from when I built my fence.  Hemlock wood is beautiful and affordable. A ten-foot board only cost me about $3.00 from a local lumber yard.  

Here is a photo of the Ikea Lack table that I bought a couple years ago and have since used it for both an indoor and outdoor coffee table. When I bought it the cost was $19.99, it is now $24.99 - still a great deal and it took me five minutes to put it together. 

Let me walk you through the list of all the materials I used and the before and after of this easy little DIY project. Every photo is linked for your convenience. Check it out!

What I used...

LACK Coffee Table: Ikea ($24.99)

SMOKE GRAY Spray Paint: Lowes ($4.68)
LIQUID NAILS: Lowes ($1.78)

CLEAR POLY SPRAY: Home Depot ($7.78)

ROUGH-CUT Hemlock Board: Local Lumber Mill


10-foot board of rough cut Hemlock ($3.00)
Ikea Lack Coffee Table ($24.99)
Gray Spray Paint ($4.68)
Liquid Nails ($1.78)
Polyurethane Spray ($7.78)

TOTAL COST:  $42.23 + tax

Now that you know what you'll need to complete this project, let's run through the simple step-by-step instructions. Here we go!
  1. Purchase a 10' board of rough-cut Hemlock and have them cut into three, 3-foot pieces for you. (NOTE: If you buy the rough cut it is cheaper, but you will have to sand it. If you want to skip that step purchase regular Hemlock that is already smoothed)
  2. Spray paint your Ikea table with the paint color of your choice. I used gray - just make sure the spray paint is multi-purpose, or better yet, made for the outdoors. Let dry at least six hours.
  3. Using the liquid nails adhesive, lay your hemlock planks on top of the coffee table. We smothered each board in Liquid Nails and then used clamps all around the top to secure and let dry overnight.
  4. Remove clamps and spray the hemlock top with the polyurethane spray. I did four coats on mine and you don't have to sand in between. 
  5. THAT'S IT! Sit and enjoy!!!
We are so happy with the way this turned out. I put coffee, drinks and snacks on the table, which is on my front porch, and it cleans up easy and looks so darn cute! Here are some pics from my front porch. Hope you liked this easy DIY tutorial...

And just because I love my front porch SO MUCH - I had to share my old antique toolbox planter. Bought it at an antique show and drilled two holes in the bottom (I felt like Emmett Otter --- tell me you know what I'm talking about) :)

Oh - and I had to share this pic of our deer friends (get it) that show up every morning to eat breakfast across the street from our front porch. Mama and baby --- so cute!!!

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