Master of The House

A Space to Retreat, Relax and "Follow Your Dreams"
(literally & figuratively --- and yes, I love Les Mis)

"Well hello and welcome to my master bedroom!"  Since it's most likely NOT something a hostess will say when you enter their home, you have to imagine it took a while for me to muster up the courage to show you my retreat. A very personal space that I've put a lot of thought into, and where I lay my head at night.

As a child my favorite color was purple. I had purple blankets, coats, hats, shoes, bathing name it. As an adult I wanted a purple bedroom, but I struggled to find the right purple. That's when I left the purple family of color swatches and switched over to the gray family, and finally magic happened! I found Sherwin Williams 6277 "Special Gray". Who would've thought? See - purple is a tough color. The right purple can be magical (and that's what I feel I've achieved). The wrong purple can just be, well...AWFUL! But I feel like I struck a balance with this color and it even looks different depending on the time of day and lighting.
My antique Mustard-Color chair contrasts nicely against the purple/gray color walls
Angle view from side opposite entrance...
My Gallery Wall (see full post for details) - and bed frame from Pier One Imports

My dresser, nightstands and chest of drawers are all IKEA. I tried to find this line on their webiste but had no luck. I hope for your sake they still carry it because I LOVE IT! The knobs are so unique and the gray painted pine has such a cool rustic, yet modern look.
 How great are these knobs? Gotta love IKEA...
The decorative pillows and duvet cover are also IKEA - Good News though! They still carry this duvet set on their website
My faux fur throw is a Homegoods find - and is so unbelievably soft and cozy. My kiddos love to wrap themselves up in it and run around the house! (wait...maybe that was me?)
This silhouette of my husband and daughter is from a trip to Disney World and works perfectly in the space...
 These frames are part of my DIY Gallery wall and also came from Homegoods...
 Details, details and more details...

As you can see here in this photo - with different lighting, the walls pull much more of the purple tone than the gray...

And last (but certainly not least) I have to thank my design assistant, daughter and best friend - Evarista - for helping me decorate and for always being the second set of eyes that I can count on. This girl has me!!!
Oh...and I can't forget Mr. Milton (formal name: Milton Beauford) 12 year-old Yorkie who sleeps in this room more than anyone in the house :)
Thanks for visiting my room and a VERY special thanks to William LeBlanc of William LeBlanc Studio for taking these beautiful photos and getting me out from behind the camera for once. I love how you captured this space --- THANK YOU! xoxo Laura

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