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Nautical Kids Bath Makeover

Bringing cape cod inspiration to our urban farm home

Every summer my husband and I pack up the car and head to the Cape (Wellfleet to be precise). We've been going since we met and now our children get to enjoy the tradition that we started many years ago. The feeling of vacationing in the Cape is one of tranquility, reflection and good eats. We focus SO MUCH on the fresh seafood and summer cocktails. It's truly something I look forward to all year long. So I thought, why not bring the look and feel of the Cape right into our home? Who cares if we live in upstate NY in a farm-style home, let's do it! Plus - my kiddos loved the idea of feeling like they were at the beach :)

OK so, the kids bath. A Jack n' Jill style bathroom (see below for the line drawing/floor plan of our kids bath) in the upstairs portion of our home, which has remained untouched since we moved in. We absolutely love having the Jack n' Jill bath, which is essentially a sink area for both kids that is attached to their bedrooms, with a common bathing space. However, the space is grossly underutilized and unappealing. The contractor white paint had truly taken a beating, and my son had made it his job to color with crayon and marker where he knew he was not allowed to. We had nail pops and literally not one thing hung on the walls. It was a depressed looking space and just never felt like a priority. 

JACK n' JILL KIDS BATH / Floorplan
We wanted a fresh, calming and timeless paint color for the walls. I'm not interested in something trendy or bold in terms of paint since the kids will certainly transition over time and I'm sure that the nautical decor will have worn it's welcome at some point as they grow (sniff sniff). My sister-in-law Kate showed me this beautiful color, called ABALONE from Benjamin Moore. It's a very subtle gray with beige undertones (link below). 
ABALONE - Benjamin Moore Paint

The paint came out perfect! I knew it was subtle when my husband said "Um, babe. I think you picked white paint because I can't tell a difference." (I think he's color blind or something)

I found a striped shower curtain by Nautica at TJ Maxx (which is like finding a needle in a haystack) so luckily I was able to also find it online at Overstock for you. I already had the wooden bench and the round rug is an oldie but a goodie from Homegoods. Most everything else is from Target and I tried to link everything that I could find that is sold online.

The Result...







The hidden gems of the bathroom are the two pocket doors that separate the sink spaces from the common bathing area. I cannot imagine how cluttered this layout would feel with hinged doors swinging open. We are absolutely IN LOVE with these pocket doors and constantly kick ourselves for not using them in more places throughout our home. If you're in a situation of building or remodeling a home, don't forget --- pocket doors!

You're probably feeling super relaxed and calm from visiting this post and feeling like you're at the ocean - right? :) Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you like what I did. There are still a few things I want to add to the space but I was too excited to show you and I couldn't wait. Stop by again soon! xo

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