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The Modern Farmhouse {Style Inspiration}

Simplicity Meets Tradition in this popular revival 

The classic farm home style of architecture is as American as apple pie, and now a days it's not just a look for rural farmers. Modern, sleek, clean adaptations of this iconic home style have transformed the way we look at the classification of what a farmhouse truly is. Contemporary twists on barn lighting and shiplap (oh shiplap - how I love thee) are popping up all around the country. 

My interest in the style is my own interpretation of a modern farm home as I live in a small city called Cohoes outside of Albany, NY on a plot of family land just shy of an acre (see photo below).  I grew up across the street on a couple of acres that sat next to a working farm called Minczak's. The farm became vacant after Mr. Minczak passed away but the lasting impression of a city farm home lived on in my heart. When my husband and I decided to move back to our hometown and build on family land, we wanted the home to fit into the spirit of the area that I grew up in. So we sat down and put our ideas on paper which later translated to {The Unique Nest} that you see on this blog. Thanks to the help of a great architect and builder, we were able to create the modern farmhouse of our dreams.

My "Unique Nest" home in upstate NY
I compiled some photos that capture the essence of the modern farm home from my perspective. They are clean, crisp, white and layered with texture. All the photos are cited and linked with sources to the origin and can be found as a group in my Pinterest board titled 'The Modern Farmhouse'.

In looking through this curated selection of photos, I surely hope that you will find some inspiration (as I have) in the looks and styles created my many talented designers, architects and bloggers. ENJOY!
SOURCE: Blackband Home & Design
SOURCE: Fergus Garber Young | Portfolio 

SOURCE: Cottonwood Interiors

SOURCE: Southern Living

SOURCE: John Marshall Custom Homes
If I whole house in farm home style is overwhelming to you, perhaps simply working on parts of your home and infusing the look and feel would be better. Below are some inspirational photos showing furnishings, lighting, paint colors, and decor - all with a farmhouse feel.


SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

SOURCE: Cottonwood Interiors

SOURCE: Pure Modern

SOURCE: Because It's Awesome

SOURCE: Barnlight Electric

SOURCE: Moder Organic Interiors
Hopefully you enjoyed the photos I selected to share showcasing my interpretation of a modern farm home. I know that I look to others and see what they have used to style their spaces. It's a great way to gather ideas and then make them your own. Thanks for stopping by :)

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  1. Do you by any chance know what the roofing product is on these houses? Thanks


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