Front Porch & Front Yard Tour

Photo tour of my favorite space to relax...

When my husband and I sat down and drew our dream home on paper in 2013 we envisioned a welcoming and comfortable front porch where we could kick back and entertain. I always loved the idea of a porch party (it's on my to-do list this summer). 

Although we have only lived in our new home for less than a year, we've made some progress with respect to landscape and porch decor and I thought it would be fund to share this space with you.

The following photos are of our front porch (and front yard) where we spend so much time watching the sunset and enjoying life...hope you like it!

 My reclaimed wood chevron tray from the Country Living Fair this past June...

These awesome Adirondack chairs were a house-warming gift from my brother-in-law and were made of of pallet wood. I simply gave them a grey/blue stain and VOILA!

Some detail shots...

Lots of fun, colorful and comfortable pillows...

Flowers, flowers and more flowers...

Our entry...

My favorite flower - The Hydrangea

Last but not least... our newly installed DIY fence (post on that coming soon!!!)...
Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. You have a gorgeous home!! I can't wait to see your post about the DIY fence. We desperately need a fence, and I can't wait to see how you did yours.

    Just found your blog today and you have a new follower. :) Love your home decor style!!

    1. Thanks for the love glad you liked the post and stay tuned for the fence info (it's coming soon)... you made my whole day!!! :-)


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