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D-I-Y Bench Seating

When it comes to do-it-yourself home projects of ANY KIND, my dear friend Andrea Moschini can do just about anything. Not only is she a seasoned electrician, but she has an eye for design that few possess. If she didn't work in health care she would surely have her own show on HGTV.

After moving into her dream home in the small community of Ghent, NY, there was no time to waste. Andrea is a wonderful cook and entertains often. With so many visitors to her amazing homestead, seating was a must! A custom corner bench is a great use of space in her home and compliments that surrounding windows just perfectly.
The corner bench unit is wonderful, but no one wants to sit on hard wood when relaxing and visiting. So Andrea created custom faux leather cushions for under $50 (seriously...under $50...I swear!)

Get your shopping list ready and dig through the couch cushions for loose change, because this is a super affordable DIY project with serious impact. Here are the materials that Andrea used...

-4' x 8' plywood, $8 at Lowes
-Scrap 2"x4" in garage
-Scrap/clearance faux leather fabric at Joann Fabric $9/yard, regularly $25/yard ($22total)
-4' x 10 yard roll batting Joann fabric, $12 with coupon
-Staple gun and staples

-Measure bench width and depth; 3 sections for this particular built-in
-Cut plywood to size
-Screw 2"x4" scraps  to bottom edge of plywood 
-Cover wood with multiple layers of batting and staple in place underside of plywood
-Cover batting with material or fabric of your choice and secure with staples


Here you have it! Amazing seating that didn't break the bank!!!

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