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Color Lux by Comfortex 

Window treatments. It always sounded like a term that my parents and their friends talked about. The thought of investing in them seemed too formal and expensive for my taste (or so I thought). I always limited my options to whatever I could find in stock at Target or Lowes - and that my friends was about all the knowledge I had when it came to window treatments.

 A few months ago I was excited to be contacted from a well-known company called Comfortex. Comfortex is a leading manufacturer of residential and commercial windows treatments. They were excited to share that they were reimagining the world of window fashions. Through the use of technology and innovative design, they have created a new way for homes to incorporate a custom window treatment that is both modern and appealing. When asked if I would be interested in working with them my reaction was immediate - YES YES YES!!!

The Process

One of the first things I did with the company was visit their headquarters which is local to my home. They shared samples of their work and explained that their fabric swatches are essentially endless. A client can literally upload an image they took and their design team can create a one of a kind window treatment for them. They also have hundreds of options through their own collections. I was able to select a few of my favorites and take them home. I'm calling this curated collection 'Laura Leigh Home' --- :)

Trying to decide what I would select for my own home was not easy. I loved so many of their options and visualizing what it would look like was challenging. But here is where they made it easy for me. The Comfortex Color Lux tool let's you virtually select any fabric and design options you choose, and then see how it would all look when put together. Here is a screenshot of the tool and what it looks like with the fabrics I selected:


The design tool will let you select several options for designing the window treatment (valances, rollers, roman shades, etc.). It will even let you know the closest color matches to the colors in the patterns. It's user-friendly and gives you piece of mind before placing an order.

Free Color Lux Swatches

Interested in seeing this product at home? You can receive a free swatch kit including a sample of a patterned fabric swatch, a roller shade and a cellular shade. Trust me, once you see the quality and fabric you are going to love this product! All you have to do is click the link below and fill out your information. You will receive your swatch kit in the mail within a few business days!

*NOTE: If you want a local dealer to contact you with next steps simply check off 'YES' to get started!


My Kitchen

When I designed our kitchen I had saved several magazine clippings and other inspirational ideas. I sketched a pencil and paper concept of what I wanted and brought it to a kitchen designer who was able to put it into reality. One of my "must-haves" was passive solar design and minimal wall cabinets. I wanted our kitchen to feel bright, inviting and happy. I wanted to look into our yard without obstruction of view and watch my kids and dogs play. One of the challenges that came along with that was privacy for night time and even sometimes the reprieve of heat in the summer months. I created a make-shift window treatment out of a pressure rod and curtain and it served it's purpose for several years :)

B E F O R E (with tension rod/curtain)
The one thing that always bothered me about this look was having a rod smack in the middle of the window. Hated it. So when presented with the opportunity to design a new window treatment for the windows I knew I wanted some options with the look and functionality depending on the time of day and time of year. Comfortex recommended a valance and roller. This would give me everything I was looking for and I could change the way it's used depending on my needs. I was sold! Below is a look at my kitchen before the treatments were installed...

B E F O R E (bare windows)

The Install

The installation process of both the valance and roller for all three windows took about an hour. Comfortex had a professional install them but he assured me that you could do-it-yourself if you're somewhat handy. The entire system relies on brackets that are drilled into the frame of the window. Here is a look at that part of the project...(THANK YOU MARK!)

The Result

I am beyond happy with the result of this entire process! Essentially, I have three different looks and uses for the kitchen windows:
  1. Valance Only - roller shade fully drawn and not visible from under the valance. Allows full light and a minimal look to the room. Striped fabric adds a touch of texture and fun to the space. Fabric choice is called 'Listras Raven', #8108_1010 
  2. Valance / Partial Roller - Lets in light but adds filtering. Roller fabric selection is in linen and the color is called 'Rich Pewter', #870.
  3. Valance / Full Roller - Privacy with light filtering. Dark roller adds depth and contrast to the light cabinetry and wall color.




Where to Buy

Comfortex sells their products internationally. To find a Comfortex Color Lux dealer near you they have a built in tool where you can search by zip code and radius. Their dealers are able to provide you with design options and installation. This is what the tool looks like and I've linked it for your convenience:

For my local friends (I reside in Cohoes, NY - just outside of Albany) the closest dealers in our area are as follows:

Detail Photos

Here are some additional views and angles of our kitchen. It is truly the heart of our home! Whether you're standing and cooking or enjoying a cocktail, you can see every other space on the main floor. The door in the kitchen leads out to our patio area (stamped concrete patio post HERE). It makes it super easy to barbecue and entertain!

My Piggy Bell - "Come and get it!" 

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed this post! Would LOVE to hear your thoughts and feedback in the comments section. 

Bye friends! xo - Laura

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