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Modern Country Bathroom: With a Splash of Gold!

Today's post is brought to you by guest blogger Zoe Blake from the UK-based bathroom retailer "My-Bathrooms". Zoe brings a professional aesthetic and strong sense of design when it comes to bathrooms in the home. I hope you enjoy our guest post and find it helpful or inspirational in your home design/decor...

In search for ideas to create your very own country bathroom with a modern touch? My name is Zoe and I believe your bathroom needs to be practical but it should also be beautiful! Here is how to achieve the perfect modern country bathroom: encompassing all the practical mod-cons while retaining (or attaining) an air of rural comfort and relaxation!


Color Scheme:
Your color scheme should be a gentle one: predominantly whites or creams with the merest hints of pastel colors like pink, baby blue or a hint of yellow. This gives the bathroom a roomy air without necessitating the knocking through of walls!

Bathroom furniture:
Your bathroom furniture, in a country bathroom, does not necessarily need to match. Choose each item depending on your preferences, not being bound to keeping everything the same or from the same set. You will find a curious harmony by picking and choosing each item separately: but do be careful to make sure that the pieces do all work together; they must harmonious, even if they do not match!
Bathroom Window Treatment:
Pay attention to your window and wall treatments as these set the mood for the entire decor scheme and can impact the whole room. Choose natural colors, depictions of nature and wildlife and always opt for natural materials whenever possible be it wallpaper, blinds or curtains.

Metallic Touch in Bathroom:
Try to add a hint of metallic warmth: silver is cool and can add a certain elegance to the bathroom. While copper can be all too easily tarnished; going a soft green which can be a decor effect in its own right, and gold is always beautiful. These metallic touches can even be used in combination: a splash of gold delicately offset with a chrome or silver finish, to add a sparkle and gleam of warmth into each and every room in the home.

As an example, why not invest in some beautiful My Bathrooms Taps and see how they bring your entire bathroom to life and complete the effect of your decor? You can choose from traditional style taps to modern designs, adding old-fashioned charm or modern edginess, depending on your personal tastes.

Use of Wood in Bathroom:
One final point to always include in a modern country bathroom is the look of wood. This can be expensively treated real wood (which tends to be quite pricey) to mere wood effect bathroom accouterments (which can look fantastic when properly fitted!). Wood looks natural and homely, it invites us to relax and get back to basics: which, let us be honest, is what we really need to do in the bathroom if in no other place in the home!
A modern country bathroom can look fantastic: and a few touches of gold and silver can complete the look without breaking the budget!

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