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Take a Tour of some DIY Blogs...

Last week, Leslie Stewart from House on the Way invited me to join in a fun tour of DIY blogs. Of course I was thrilled because I love Leslie's blog (you will sure to check her out) and I was excited to join in the tour. Leslie and I met through Hometalk and I'm SO glad we did! She is not only super talented and stylish, but she's also super sweet and has amazing ideas! Here is the link to last week's tour: 


In this tour, each blogger will answer a few questions about themselves and then introduce you to some of their DIY ideas. But first, I get to answer a few questions about myself and tell you a little bit about me...


Right now I feel like a have a thousand irons in the fire so to speak. I have countless DIY projects I'm looking to complete before summer's end (not likely to happen) and multiple client projects going on right now. I teach High School Business & Finance full-time so my summer days are precious. I also have a 7-year old daughter and 4-year old son that keep me REALLY busy. 

Next week I'm shooting my Fall tablescape and getting ready for my favorite time of year....AUTUMN!!!! I also hope to incorporate more recipe and foodie-type stuff this fall with more of a focus on home and not just design and decor.

Lastly, I'm really excited to show the end results of a DIY rough cut wood stain project I thought up for a client and how I used it in her kitchen...that's coming up within the next week! 


There are so many talented and creative DIY'ers out there that have skill sets far above what I possess. So I try to make all of my DIY projects super simple and affordable for the everyday mom, wife, worker, etc. In a perfect world I'd have hours on end to do whatever I please, but that's just not realistic for where I am in my life with two small children, a career and this side project of mine. 

So I try to offer everything from cheap, super simple ways to spruce up your "NEST"...

As well as showcase higher-end ideas for your "NEST"...


You know...good question!?! I literally woke up one morning in December of 2013 with this overwhelming urge to blog. Never had I thought about it before or had it been a goal of mine. But it seemed to offer a creative way to express myself and share ideas with a community of people similar to myself. Most of all, I design and decorate (and blog of course) because I love it! It never feels like work - it's a way to JUST. BE. LAURA. --- and I love that! In April of 2014 my dream of owning my own business came true when I started Laura Leigh Designs, LLC. I had no idea how it would do or who would care about it, but I did it! And I have been NON-STOP since that April day. God is good!


I love a good story or background. This past week I went to Hudson, NY and purchased a page out of a 19th century wallpaper book from Paris and I'll frame it and hang it so that I have a story to tell guests when they visit my home. I'm always looking at what others are doing and seeking inspiration from them while still trying to remain authentic to my own taste and style. If I had to sum up my style, it's probably {Modern Vintage}.

This photo pretty much sums up my creative style (old wooden shoe stretchers repurposed as wall art in my master bath)...

DIY Tour

Now - let me introduce you to two amazing DIY women that you MUST check out! I feel so blessed to have met both of them and they continue to inspire me with their ideas and awesome sense of style...
Once upon a time there was a teacher named Trina {that's me} who loved her job, but wanted to do something more. So she started a blog called A Few Miner Adjustments. It worked out perfectly since her last name is Miner and she was always tweaking and adjusting things in her home. This blog became her castle...a place where she could spread her creative wings and fly and maybe teach others a few how to make a duvet cover or what the great debate of the 1990's really was. Please come over for some lemonade, a couple stories and a lesson or two. Then we can all live happily ever after! P.S. Stay tuned for our mantel tile update. We are almost finished and it looks amazing!

Here is the link to my latest DIY...

Hello! My name is Evey and I have a great passion for creating! Whether I am baking, crafting, giving new life to something old, or simply trying to make life a little more fun for my kids, I get a rush every time I get to be creative!

Here is the link to my latest DIY...

Thanks so much for visiting and be sure to check back soon for more inspiring DIY ideas!!!

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